This Time Its Kobe Annoying LeBron In The Puppet Commercial

This Time Its Kobe Annoying LeBron In The Puppet Commercial Total Pro Sports – The rivalry between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James has just taken a huge step!  Well maybe not, but the Kobe and LeBron muppets are back at it again, and this time it’s Kobe pulling the quick one on LeBron.  Oh, and the cocaine seems to be absent from this commercial as well.

In this episode of the Kobe and LeBron muppets road to the finals, James is sitting down trying to watch highlights of himself when he finds that his tape has been recorded over with footage of Kobe as “UNSTOPPABLE”.  LeBron seems to have no answer as to why Kobe is so “unstoppable” and wants to know who is asking all those questions.  The maker is revealed at the end, and James responds by throwing an object at an observing Kobe.

It would be great to see these two superstars meet up in the NBA finals.  The Lakers have done their part thus far, winning game one, but the same can not be said of the Cavs.  They will need to bounce back for game two is LeBron wishes to get revenge for his muppet twin on the court.  Let the rivalry continue.

Here’s the latest Nike commercial featuring the LeBron James and Kobe Bryant muppets.

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