Dance-Off Breaks Out During Baseball Rain Delay

Total Pro Sports – In one of the darkest moments in Big East history, a white-boy dance-off broke out during a 5 hour rain delay in a game between Connecticut and South Florida.  The saddest part is that they enjoyed themselves so much, they seemingly danced for the entire 5 hours.  If the rain wasn’t enough to send the fans home, that must have been.

So what were they dancing to?  You name it!  Soulja Boy, the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Sugarhill Gang, and even a bit of river dancing and limbo thrown in there.  We would like to know who the person in charge of creating such a compilation was.

The clip is 12 minutes long, but the dancing lasted much longer.  It is agonizing and good all at once.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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