Interested In Purchasing A Lingerie Football Team?

jackie-danicoTotal Pro Sports – The Philadelphia Passion of the Lingerie Football League are looking for someone to purchase their team.  And what better reason to be that someone than the possibility of owning team captain and Passion running back Jackie Danico.  Finally, something worth spending all that change in the piggy bank on.

Jackie spoke with Fox29 News in Philly about the upcoming season, and there is no doubt she is ready to go.  In terms of “watchability,” I would have to put the Lingerie League a couple of notches above the CFL, Arena Football League, and NFL Europe.  It’s the perfect mix of football and hot chicks.

So this year’s edition of the Lingerie Football League should be an interesting one.  I do not know who the defending champions are or what teams are expected to do well, but I can tell you that we are in for a great show.  How much we will get to see depends on how well those helmets, jerseys and shoulder pads stay on.  Let’s hope they don’t.

Here is an interview with the incredibly hot Jackie Danico. [Busted Coverage]

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