Simona Halep Likely To Have Breast Reduction


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Total Pro Sports – It is a sad day in woman’s tennis.  Roughly one month after TPS brought you the rising star of the WTA, Simona Halep, we now regret to inform you that she is strongly considering breast reduction.  I guess this answers most people question, “how does she play with those things?”  Apparently, she can’t!

Earlier this month in an interview with the Romanian site ProSport, Simona Halep stated her wishes to have breast reduction surgery.  Upon explaining her reasoning behind such a decision, she pointed to the added weight and difficulty in carrying her jugs over to every ball that gets hit her way.  Here is a translation of her interview:

“I do not believe that physical appearance has an effect on performance, so I help with anything in the sport. My mind bust when I go on the field and even if I were sporting, I would have felt very good. (My Breasts) inconvenience me, it’s very hard with them. It’s a weight in addition to confound me speed response. I can not go on very well. Shoot me down. Nothing in life is not like me even though sport was not all I was doing surgery”, revealed Halep.Surgical intervention should take place last year, but probably will use it in autumn, because the postponement might cause problems in the column.” []

It would be interesting to see if this will help her opponents out as well, now that they can concentrate on one moving tennis ball, without the additional bouncing soccer balls behind it.  What we do know is that simona halep should be much faster on the court, and will give herself more room to swing with the reduction, but lets hope this doesn’t take away from her fame.  Should she have a long and successful tennis career, the move will be well worth it, but should she flame out, then she will likely wish she still had those two giant airbags to save her.

Surgery is expected to take place some time next year.  It is unclear what size she plans on going down too.  We here at TPS will keep you posted on this breaking news.