Dennis Eckersley’s Foul-Mouth Slips Up On Live TV Twice!

Dennis Eckersley’s Foul-Mouth Slips Up On Live TV Twice!Total Pro Sports – Dennis Eckersley always seemed to have great control on the mound, picking his spots with most of his pitches.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said of his mouth in the press box.

Taking over for Jerry Remy, as he fights lung cancer, Eck has been holding his own commentating alongside Don Orsillo on NESN.  Guess Friday was just one of those off nights.

First, while showing a replay of Kevin Youklis getting hit by a pitch, Eck let viewers know just what he was saying to Mets pitcher Johan Santana as he walked to first base (“Shit!”).  Later in the game, Eck would slip up again, making the honest mistake of referring to “Masterson” as “masturbate”.  Dennis apparently had demons that needed to be released, and Friday night he let them fly.

Even Eck learned during his hall of fame career that not everyday is going to be a good one on the mound.  Friday night he found out that the press box is not all that different.

Here is a clip of both incidents caught on live TV.

Hat Tip Find – [TheSportingBlog]

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