Mark Teixeira Hits A Broken Bat Home Run Against The Phillies

Phillies Yankees BaseballTotal Pro Sports – Broken bat hits can often be good for a bloop single.  Sometimes they even get the fielders confused, creating just enough time for the batter to squeak out an infield hit.  But a broken bat home run?  That’s just unheard of, unless of course your name is Mark Teixiera, and you are playing in the new Yankee Stadium.

In a game with the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday afternoon, the Yankee slugger made his way to the plate in the 6th inning with no runners on, his team down by two.  One swing later and Texiera would hit his 13th home run of the season, with only half of the bat remaining in his hands.  The dinger would bring the Yanks within one, and they would eventually tie things up before losing in extra innings.

Some will say that Teixiera, whose numbers have been quickly improving with Alex Rodriguez back, used raw power to get that ball over the fence.  Others will blame the new stadium, which has surrendered 81 homers through its first 21 games.  It is likely that both played factors in the Teixiera bomb, but with the way the ball is flying out of the new Yankee Stadium these days, steroids may not be the only issue producing asterisks in the record books.

Here is footage recorded by a spectator behind home plate.  Look at Texiera’s bat shatter after making contact.  Doesn’t seem to prevent the ball from leaving the park though.

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