Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire Gets Call Changed After Yelling At The Ump

Ron Gardenhire Yells At The UmpTotal Pro Sports – Have you seen Twins manager Ron Gardenhire in any of the recent Star Wars episodes?  There is now reason to believe he may have the force.  After all, he is likely the first coach, manager or player in any sport to yell at an official and get them to change their call.

During Minnesota’s Sunday Night Baseball match-up against the Milwaukee Brewers, Twins catcher Joe Mauer took a pitch near his hands in the bottom of the 7th inning.  His reaction made it seem as if he got hit, but home plate umpire Adrian Johnson did not think so.  His initial ruling was that the ball hit the bat, making it a foul, and therefore a 2 and 2 count with two runners on.  Gardenhire and the Twins trainer went out to look at Mauer, not realizing Johnson had called it a foul ball.  When they learned about the call, the debate began.  The initial argument was only a mild one, but things would heat up quickly, with Gardenhire eventually losing his cap so he could get nose to nose with Johnson.

We have seen the same scenario many times.  Ump and manager face to face.  How this one ended is what made it special.  As a furious Gardenhire made his way back to the dugout, the umpire reversed his initial call and awarded Mauer first base.  To no one’s surprise, out came Brewers manager Ken Macha.  Unfortunately for the Brewers, the force is not strong in Macha.

The next batter up would be Justin Morneau, and with the bases loaded he would make that call even more controversial, putting a Mitch Stetter offering over the fence for a grand slam.  With that the Twins would go on to win the game 6-3.

So what could have possibly made Adrian Johnson change his call?  He did not have a conference with any other umpires and there was also no instant replay.

If only someone was holding a microphone for the conversation between Gardenhire and Johnson.  What could Johnson have been yelling back?  “I KNOW I AM WRONG! I’M SORRY!”.  Please, teach us Obi Ron.

Here is baseball’s edition of “the great debate”.

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