Buses End Crash-A-Rama The Way Most Should Have Expected

Buses End Crash-A-Rama The Way Most Should Have ExpectedTotal Pro Sports – Fans of racing got to see the Indy 500 this weekend, but what they likely missed was “Crash-A-Rama” at a local figure-8 racing track in Ohio.  Thanks to some footage, they can now see the most entertaining part of the night.  The big crash!

This time it was the buses responsible for it, and that should be of little surprise given the size of the vehicles and dimensions of the track.  As they come around to the turn, the baby blue bus somehow tries to take the inside lane, and that works out horribly for himself, his competitor in the dark blue bus, and several fans, who were injured, but not seriously.

The funny part after all of this is that it seems as though they were not anticipating something like this to happen.  With a name like “Crash-A-Rama”, what did they expect?

Hat Tip Video – [Busted Coverage]

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