Chris Anderson Once Again Victorious In Annual Cheese Rolling And Wake

cheese-rolling-chaseTotal Pro Sports – In what has become an annual tradition in England, the annual Cheese Rolling and Wake competition took place yesterday, and the dynasty of Chris Anderson grew one championship stronger.  With his fifth consecutive title, he has now decided to retire from competition, opening the path for someone new to build their cheesy legacy.  We assume he probably doesn’t have anymore room in his fridge for the trophies.

The event, which involves the rolling of a cylinder of cheese down a hill and men chasing it, has provided countless memorable clips, and this year was no different.  More than 5000 spectators from around the world turned out to see these individuals tumble recklessly down the steep slope, and likely returned home very pleased with what they saw.

For those who left disappointed, they are probably included in the 18 who were injured during the race, a number below the usual final tally.  Oddly enough, of those 18 people, 10 of them were spectators.  I’m just trying to figure out how the people standing upright watching are in more danger than those flying approximately 70 mph down the hill head-over-heals.

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