Jose Canseco’s Dream 9 Fight Results In First Round KO Loss

canseco-vs-choiTotal Pro Sports – Jose Canseco thought he would test his luck in the ring.  Much to his dismay, that luck ran out pretty quickly as he was forced to tap out early in the first round of his Dream 9 fight.

Taking on the 7’2, 330 pound monster Hong Man Choi, even a 6’4 240 pound Canseco looked tiny.  So what strategy would Canseco employ for the fight?  It seemed he was content with the “hit and run” in the beginning, but the enormous Choi didn’t bite.  Canseco was also able to get one or two shots in of his own, however, all the running around would eventually force his knee to give out.  He would then hit the mat and receive several blows to the head as he covered up and tapped out.

After the ref got in to break up the fighters and signal the end, Canseco cluthed his knee in pain.  Regarding the injury, he had the following to say after the fight:

“I hurt my knee back home real bad but I didn’t want to disappoint the fans.  I knew that at some point during the fight my knee was going to give out and once I was down I knew I wasn’t going to get up. He’s just too heavy to move.” []

So how long did the fight end up lasting?  A grand total of one minute 17 seconds.  So much for a career in fighting, although if you want to make the best of the defeat Jose, just think of it like this.  Former WWE star and current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar didn’t last very long in his debut, and look at him now.

Canseco isn’t sure whether he will step in the ring again.  His main reason behind taking this fight was financial.  He will likely have to find something else to make him money next.  Any suggestions?

In the meantime, here is the clip of his first round KO. [MMAShare]

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