Mr. T Sings “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” At The Cubs Game

Mr. T Sings "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" At The Cubs GameTotal Pro Sports – What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than have Mr. T, draped in the American flag, come and throw out the first pitch of a baseball game, then lead the stadium in the singing of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”.

That was the mindset of the Chicago Cubs organization, and I would say it worked out beautifully, providing just the video to brighten up a Tuesday morning. Dawning a tight Cubs jersey to go with his American bandanna and clown pants, Mr. T came out to a welcome ovation.  After warming up his arm with some windmill motions, the lefty hurled a sorry excuse towards the plate.  Needless to say, that pitch would be the brightest moment of his night.

When the time came for the 7th inning stretch, Mr. T took over the mic for the classic anthem of Wrigley field , and what a show he put on.  If you weren’t sure about whether Mr. T really talks the way he does, this should answer everything.  Not only is that how he normally talks, but it is also apparently how he sings as well. When all is said and done, we respect the valiant effort by Mr. T.  We always welcome such attempts, as long as we are given the privilege of displaying the failures afterwards.  And what better way to make a Pirates vs. Cubs game interesting.

Here is the always entertaining Mr. T throwing out the opening pitch and singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”

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