Soccer Goalie Scores Unlikely Goal From His Own Net

Soccer Goalie Scores Unlikely Goal From His Own NetTotal Pro Sports – It is difficult enough for a goalie to defend an entire soccer net, but when he can do so, as well as score in the opposing one, that is highlight reel material.

After making a save, Rayo Vallecano keeper David Cobeno kicked the ball out of his zone, where it would bounce in front of an out of position opposing keeper, and into the net.  The goal was something to celebrate, but apparently he was his teams only offensive threat of the night in their Spanish B League match against Elche.

Once being labeled the star of the match, the light on Cobeno quickly dimmed as his team was defeated by a score of 2-1.  How can a team allow such a lucky goal go to waste?  I guess sometimes not even all the luck in the world is enough.  On Sunday, that was the case for Rayo Vallecano.

Hat Tip Video – [Dirty Tackle]

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