Stan Kroenke At Game 4 And WWE Raw At Same Time!

Stan Kroenke At Game 4 And WWE Raw At Same Time!Total Pro Sports – OK.  So he isn’t some sort of magician, and he was not, in fact, present at the Staples Center last night for WWE’s Monday Night Raw.  But I must say.  That Stan Kroenke look-a-like that Vince McMahon produced wasn’t all that bad.

Last night was Vince’s night of revenge, and he got at it early.  After an introduction to help inform anyone not familiar with what has happened, the Kroenke look-a-like came out to the jeers of the crowd.  He greeted David Stern, Jack Nicholson and Jerry Buss, who were also ringside in look-a-like form, then entered the ring and took the mic.  After a 2-minute rant, Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring and gets in a few insults of his own, including jabs at Kroenke’s lack business skills and his first name, “Enus”.  You could probably imagine where that went.

McMahon then accused the Nuggets owner of trying to push around the WWE and its fans.  That was when Vince finally pushed back, giving Kroenke a shot to the neck that would send him sprawling outside the ring.  The usualy WWE theatrics contiued with several other wrestlers coming out and taking their turn on the mic (including one dawning a LeBron jersey) until a fight broke out.

There was also a Nuggets vs. Lakers match as the main event of the night, won obviously by the Lakers.  It’s a shame that the basketball Lakers couldn’t pull out a similar result.  As a result, McMahon likely wasn’t the only one who had a “night of fun”.  It was Kroenke who had the final celebration last night.

Here is the segment in two clips.