Beware The Punch Of The Bee Mascot

beware-the-punch-of-the-bee-mascotTotal Pro Sports – Ever wonder how in the world some mascots are able to see out of those giant heads.  I have, and after this video, I am convinced that most of them in fact can not see at all.  One Norwegian soccer player found that out the hard way.

During this soccer match, the bee mascot makes his way across the field (he must have been lost).  As he flails his arms in the air, seemingly celebrating a victory, his fist strikes an opposing player in the face.  The funniest part of it all is that it appears as though the player motions towards the ref, as if to ask for a foul call or something.  Must be second nature to some soccer players.

Watch the Video Here

Hat Tip Video – [The Big Lead]

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