The Most Horrific Soccer Injury: Oupa Ngulube Breaks Leg In Half

Oupa Ngulube Breaks Leg In Half
Total Pro Sports – Soccer players are often accused of being divers and fakers, but make no mistake about it.  This sport can produce some of the most terrifying, excruciating, stomach-turning injuries.  Just over a year ago we saw Eduardo da Silva suffer a serious break, but this one we found makes it look like a Swedish massage.

In a South African Futbol League game between the Mpumalanga Black Aces FC and the Carara Kicks, a race for the ball down the sideline turned into what I am going labeling as “The Most Disgusting Injury In Sporting History”.

The perpetrator, Felix Muamba-Musasa of the Black Aces, has issued an apology to Oupa Ngubule of the Kicks, for the kick that has left his leg broken in two places.

“Firstly, let me pass my unreserved apologies to the management of Carara Kicks as well as the family and friends of Oupa. As a sportsman, I have never broken or intended to harm my fellow colleagues in any way in my life. It was never my intention to go out and break his leg – it all happened when we both were going on a 50-50 challenge. People should understand that soccer is a contact sport. At the end of the day such accidents happen in the field of play.” “I did not have a peaceful Sunday night after that incident. My prayers are with the player to recover well and play soccer again. I was devastated immediately when I saw the player still lying down in pain. I am hard at prayer trying to come to terms with that incident.”

This injury definitely beats Rick Ankiel almost breaking his neck. Make sure you have a paper bag with you while you watch this.  I wish I did.  It seems the only thing 50/50 about that challenge was Oupa Ngubule’s leg at the end of it.

Right In Half!

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