“What Did I Do?” Asks The Gatorade Cooler To Carlos Zambrano

Carlos Zambrano Breaks Gatorade MachineTotal Pro Sports – Upon further review, home plate umpire Mark Carlson may have got the call right, but Carlos Zambrano was having none of that.  And once the Carlson was through hearing his testimony, Zambrano decided to let the Gatorade cooler know what he though.  Never a dull moment at Wrigley.

In the afternoon game between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates, Zyjer Morgan found himself at third with 1 out in the top of the 7th.  After a pitch in the dirt got away from catcher Geovany Soto, Morgan made a dash for home.  Replays show that he may have just got his finger in there before being tagged by Zambrano, making the game 2-2, but Carlos saw if differently.

After getting in Carlson’s face, Zambrano gave him a slight bump, resulting in his ejection.  The Cubs pitcher would continue to display his objection to both calls made by Carlson as he threw the ball into the outfield stands while making his way towards the dugout.  Then he took a few cuts at the cooler with a conveniently placed bat.  What action!

The 3 minutes of madness by Zambrano would finally end, allowing for the game to resume.  The Cubs would go on to win 5-2, but Carlos would not get the victory despite his strong effort while in the game.  It is expected that he will be both fined and suspended.  As for the cooler, we expect it to be on the DL for a while.

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