Danica Patrick Signs Some Man Boobs In New Commercial

Danica Patrick Signs Some Man Boobs In New Commercial

Total Pro Sports – What better way to get people to switch their mobile phone plans than have a sexy female athlete signing some man boobs.  That’s what Boost Mobile had in mind when they made the commercial featuring Danica Patrick signing the breasts of some of her “chesty” male supporters.

The commercial opens with the Indy Racing star signing the breasts of one man, as he holds them together in place.  I’m not sure what is funnier about him.  His unbelievably woman-like honkers, or his incredible wife-beater tan line.  If that wasn’t enough, he then sends what we believe to be his son over to Patrick.  The breast gene is strong in that family.

It is quite surprising that this commercial has made the air without being deemed offensive to some viewers.  If the FCC is so hard against women’s breast, they should be terrified of the possibility that some children are viewing these much more grotesque boobs without any warning.  Now that is injustice.

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