Hot Ball Girl Kelli Curci Makes Snag On Foul Ball

Kelli Curcio Phillies Balls GirlTotal Pro Sports – We are often privileged to witness the great plays, or miss-plays, of ball boys and girls alike.  Many times they are old men whose athletic days are behind them, making for a hilarious moment.  Other times the young male ball boy will attempt to impress spectators with a diving grab.  But how about a hot ball girl making a nice play on a foul ball?

The Philadelphia Phillies seemed to have the right idea when they started hiring some hot young ladies to grab any arrant balls (get your mind out of the gutter guys).  One of the ladies on their ball girl roster is the lovely Kelli Curci, also a softball player at LaSalle University. After a Shane Victorino liner that went foul.  Kelli was able to pick up her chair, as if to move out of the way, but then made a surprising backhand stab on the ball.  Talk about making it look easy.  And what better way to get the beautiful woman some face time.

The US softball team may want to keep an eye out for Kelli.  She looks like she would fit in quite well, and why not start looking for that next sexy face of woman’s softball in America to replace Jennie Finch.  Viewers of the Marlins vs Phillies game last night got themselves a sneak peek.

Hat Tip Video – [TheFightins]

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