Matt Wieters, Baseball Demi-God To Debut On Friday

Matt WietersTotal Pro Sports – Every struggling franchise dreams of their savior. The Baltimore Orioles are hoping they have found a franchise player and switch hitting catcher to add to their already potent line up and help accelerate the journey back to winning seasons and contention in the AL East. Possibly the most anticipated minor leaguer expected to be called up this season, Wieters will have a lot to prove when he starts on Friday. There is already a fan website Matt Wieters Facts that hypes the catcher in a similar style to the Chuck Norris facts that circulated a while ago. For instance, Matt Wieters is so damn good that even his intangibles are tangible.

No pressure here, I just hope fans will not be disappointed and write him off if he doesn’t follow in the lead of fellow teammate, Nick Markakis, and homer on his first at bat. However, I’m sure he will turn out to be great. While the Orioles vowed to be patient before bringing him up, it seems the minor leagues can no longer contain his power hitting. His cannon of an arm helpful at throwing out players attempting to steal second probably didn’t weigh against him either. As a result, we’ll all get to see if he’s ready for the Big Leagues on Friday.

Also, if you can pick him up in your league, it might not be a bad idea. Especially if you are struggling for offensive players. Because even if the Orioles fans expectations seem a little high, you can’t argue with the experts who think he was one of baseball’s top prospects. And his batting average in the minors this season, around .300 is nothing to scoff at either. A switch hitter is always an extra threat. Not only is this guy ready to save the long suffering Orioles, he can also save your fantasy team. Wow.

Seriously, how could anything possibly go wrong?

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