2009 Spelling Bee Champ Crowned! Do They Check I.D.’s?

sidharth-spelling-beeTotal Pro Sports – Yesterday some of you may have been channel surfing and noticed during the day that something not resembling sports was on ESPN.  Later in the night that same something would find itself on ABC.  That something was the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee.  this has become a popular event, among both sports fans and haters.  With Erin Andrews in attendance, and the many other storylines that pop up through the event, it usually makes for a good watch.  We assume she enjoys being around the young kids.  They are too young to make sexually suggestive actions towards her.

This years champion was Kavya Shivashankar, a grade 8 student whose technique was an interesting one.  Prior to spelling out each word, she would write it on her hand with her finger.  Her final word was “Laodicean” and after seeing her spell it in her hand, it became apparent that a champion was about to be crowned.

An other moment of interest was when heavy favorite, Sidharth Chand, failed to spell “apodyterium.”  When asking for a definition, the response was “It was always a challenge to tell whose toga was whose in the apodyterium.”  Sidharth kept a straight face causing the commentators to remark on his ability to block out the joke.  Maybe they didn’t realize that the joke simply wasn’t funny.  Following his elimination, Sidharth received a standing ovation as he stood in shock, face in hands.  It was his last attempt at teh championship after finishing in second last year.  I’m surprised he was still eligible this year.  Maybe they need to do a better job checking I.D.’s.

So now Kavya will live in the glory for a month or so, and will enjoy he winnings, which includes more than $40,000 in cash and prizes.

Here is a clip of Sidharth and the winning work for Kavya.

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