Sh*t In A Sock The Perfect Cheerleader Prank!

Shit In A Sock The Perfect Cheerleader Prank!Total Pro Sports – The days of hazing have not passed us by just yet.  In fact, some would argue that they have only got worse as students become even more creative with their pranks.  But what happens when they get too creative.  Then you have some shit on your hands.  Literally!

Three cheerleaders decided to pull a prank on another fellow cheerleader at Bandera High School, putting their feces in a sock and smearing it all over her looker and the contents within it.  I don’t know what would be worse.  Opening you locker to the sight and smell of someone’s dump, or having to be the one holding the sock of shit as you wipe it around another persons locker.  If they had any trouble finding the perpetrators, they likely only had to smell their fingers.

This story has resurfaced as cheerleading tryouts began for next season’s team.  The three ladies responsible for the prank were given 10 days in-school suspension and were kicked off the team for the remainder of the year(which in case you didn’t notice is pretty much complete).  They were to be suspended from next years team, but parents of one of the disciplined children complained about the records of other students who reportedly tried out for the 2009-10 squad.  As a result, the three girls were given the opportunity to try out again, much to the dismay of some of the other parents.  Looks like they are no longer up shits creek (sorry but I had to slip that in there).

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