Vomit, Creepy Men Checking Out Young Boys Bodies. It Must Be NHL Combine Time.

nhl-draft-combine-2009Total Pro Sports- As the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins gear up for the NHL finals set to begin tomorrow, many hockey fans have focused their attention to Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.  But there are some hardcore fans at this time are keeping a close eye on the NHL combine, taking place today in Toronto.

The hockey world will get a closer look at possible upcoming stars like JohnTavares, Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene.  There is, however, reason for us to believe that perhaps some are getting just a bit too close of a look.  TSN.ca has been covering the event up close, and their latest report at 3:45 pm ET today has some rather odd comments.  Here’s what we are talking about:

  • 9:41 am et Chris Kreider, ranked No. 14 by NHL Central Scouting, has a very lean body.
  • 10:42 am et Jordan Schroeder, a top prospect at #5, did his wingate test and vomited once it was complete.
  • In one of his meetings with a GM, the 18-year-old said he was asked who he would most like to go out to dinner with –  Barack Obama, Maria Sharapova or Sean Avery.  “I would have liked to have picked Sharapova but I went with Avery,” Schroeder said with a smile.
  • Zach Budish, ranked 22nd, is much more physically mature than most of the other players that are here. At 6’2 1/2, 229 pounds, he is well beyond the growth level of most 18-year-olds who still need to fill out. Consider him already filled out.
  • 20th-ranked Kyle Palmieri is ripped – he took off his shirt and everyone in the room turned their heads to see that the guy is cut.
  • There are suspicions here that the guys from the U.S. under-18 development program all got tattoos. They all have patches covering their chests, but for now this is unconfirmed speculation. [TSN.ca]

Talk about in-depth.  I’m surprised there wasn’t someone going through the players’ vomit to see what has been in their diet.  It is also quite odd to hear the reaction that a teenager can get when he take off his shirt in a room full of men, but I guess when you are putting that much money into a single player, nothing is off limits.

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