Brad Childress Sports A Rug During Mini-Camp

brad-childress-wigTotal Pro Sports – Who is that ’80s rock star coaching the Vikings and what did he do with Brad Childress?  That was what many unsuspecting spectators, players, and media personnel must have been asking themselves during the final day of the Minnesota Vikings’ 3-day mini-camp yesterday in Eden Prairie.

With his well-known bald head covered up by a wig and visor, the Vikings’ head coach was the story of the day.  Childress stated in an interview following the workout that many players were unaware of his disguise and he had caught several individuals off guard when he approached them.  So why did he decide to pull such a prank?  In honor of his mullet-obsessed defensive end, Jared Allen.

Childress’ wife purchased the wig after a conversation with another bald man in Florida, which led them to the store selling them.  And will be be seeing this additional piece of attire on his head during the season?  “Only if they had a Rebook across the top of it.”  I guess Childress is not a fan of the Nike swoosh.

Here is a video of Childress with the wig taking questions following the final day of mini-camp.

Hat Tip Video – [My Fox 9] via [SportsByBrooks]

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