Former Playboy Model LaTasha Marzolla Wins MMA Debut

latasha-marzollaTotal Pro Sports – It was a long layoff, but after three years LaTasha Marzolla’s return to the ring was a successful one.  The former playboy model put her gorgeous looks on the line, and although she will have to deal with a few facial bruises, it was her opponent, Christy Tada, who was unable to finish the fight after a slugfest in the first round of their Tuff-N-Uff fight Saturday night.

The two exchanged several blows throughout the round, and although Marzolla looked shaky in the first minute or so, she settled in nicely and was able to land the more devastating shots during their exchanges, earning a KO at the end of the first round after Tada’s corner stopped the fight.  It was her first MMA fight and the first time she had been in the ring in three years for any fight, but the rust was not enough to slow Marzolla down this night.  After the battle, she had the following to say:

“It was really crazy after taking three years off. I had a lot of nerves, a lot of anxiety.  I couldn’t sleep at all last night.  It was hard getting back out there, kind of a battle within myself. But no matter how hard it was I was going to make it through it.” [Las Vegas Sun]

LaTasha is friends with the popular ring beauty Gina Carano and the two celebrated in the dressing room after the fight.  Carano was experience was even enough to give some sound advice to Marzolla on how to cover up her bruises: “You look fine, just put some cool glasses on.”

So whats next for LaTasha?  She plans to continue her MMA career and hopes to some day become the champ.  Just one problem though.  In order to get there, she will likely have to go through her good friend, Gina Carano.  Sex sells, and I’m sure that fight would as well.

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