Michelle Larcher de Brito Is Tennis’ New Orgasmic Grunter

Michelle Larcher de BritoTotal Pro Sports – There is likely no better way to sell the game of tennis to males than by having a female in a short skirt shriek and moan loud enough to be heard three courts over (well maybe just one better way: Simona Halep).  Sadly, that moaner is Michelle Larcher de Brito, a 16-years-old native of Portugal.  This minor’s sexually suggestive performance at this year’s French Open has both players and fans up in arms.

Larcher de Brito was eliminated by Aravane Rezai in the third round of this year’s tournament, but not before creating some controversy.  During the match, Rezai complained about the noises being made by her opponent, even asking for a referee to come to the court and settle the matter.  Larcher de Brito was warned, but no further action was taken.  The fans were also critical of her excessive noise, booing her at the conclusion when it looked as though she would refuse to shake her opponents hand.

During coverage of the game, an interview with Lancher de Brito was televised where she responded to a question regarding her grunting.  She attributes it to her aggressiveness and hard fighting.  Sounds pretty aggressive to me.

Hat Tip Video – [FanHouse]

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