Powerlifter Dana Shealy’s Strength Comes From The Heart

Powerlifter Dana Shealy’s Strength Comes From The HeartTotal Pro Sports – To squat 365 pounds and deadlift 315 is hard enough for any individual.  For Dana Shealy, the task is much more difficult, but one that she has been able to accomplish through hard work and dedication.

What makes this achievement that much more impressive for Dana is she did it with one leg after back surgery.  That’s right!  She was involved in a automobile accident several years ago which severed her foot.  Dana was then forced to amputate her left leg last year, and has just recently undergone back surgery.  If all that was not enough to prevent her from meeting such goals, she is also a cancer survivor.

At this year’s SPF Powerlifting and Bench Press National Championships, Dana proved to many just how strong she is (as if her ability to battle through her other life obstacles wasn’t enough proof).  There are many inspiring performances out there in the world of sports and this should rank right up there with the best of them.  Even when life has tried to literally take her legs right out from under her, Dana Shealy has shown she would rather push back than crumble under the weight.

Here is a clip of her squat.

And here is her deadlift:

Hat Tip Video – [PowerliftingWatch]

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