Chad Leonhardt Lands Vicious Knee KO In Bellator IX

Chad Leonhardt Lands Viscious Knee KO In Bellator IX

Total Pro Sports – It doesn’t always work, but when it does, a knee to the head can be the most devastating strike in all of mixed martial arts.  If you are looking for proof, look no further than the fight between Chad Leonhardt and Dan Keenan at Bellator IX.

In an exciting first round, Leonhardt looked as though he had the fight finished even earlier with an over-the-top right hand to Keenan’s head.  Although that dropped his opponent, Keenan was able to hang on and stay alive, but that only delayed what seemingly looked like the inevitable.  Once he regained his legs, he attempted to stand up.  Unfortunately for him, that was the moment Leonhardt was waiting for.  Just as Keenan made it to his feet,  Leonhardt delivered a knee to his face, knocking him out and sending his mouth guard flying.

Bellator continues to provide some of the most spectacular MMA highlights of the year.  whether it is an unbelievable spinning backfist, an inverted triangle choke, or a knee to the face, these fighters have proven that they can close out fights and bring the crowd to its feet.  Isn’t that what sports are all about?

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