Dad Goes At Referee After Boxing Match

Dad Goes At Referee After Boxing MatchTotal Pro Sports – It is always nice to have family in your corner during a fight, but sometimes the added emotions they bring can turn nasty.  This time the victim of that nastiness was the referee.

During a boxing match in Finland, Juho Tolppola was warned, then disqualified by the ref for a headbutt.  He was not pleased at all with the decision, but even more furious than he was his father, who stormed the ring to get at the ref.  He was quickly restrained and ushered out of the ring, but not before attempting to get a couple of punches in.

Tolppola and his opponent, Giuseppe Lauri seemed to be fine with what had occurred during the fight, shaking each other’s hands giving pats on the back several times following the fight.  They never got the chance to finish what they started, and luckily for the ref, neither did Tolppola’s dad.

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