Don Cherry Does His Best Dos Equis Impression

Don Cherry Does His Best Dos Equis ImpressionTotal Pro Sports – It all begins with the quote, “Here in Detroit, Michigan, and across the NHL, his reputation is expanding faster than the galaxy.”  Sound familiar?  It’s CBC’s knock-off version of the popular Dos Equis XX commercials.  An who is playing “the world’s most interesting man” this time?  None other than the pink-suited Don Cherry.

Riding in on a coast guard boat from the Detroit River, Don Cherry could be seen from a mile away in the bright, flamboyant suit, something he is well known for these days.  The Dos Equis imitation continued as he made his way towards the arena for game 2 between the Detroit Red wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he even had to stop a few times to take care of his female fans.

He can be a stubborn, stuck-up, cocky individual at times, but Don Cherry sure does have a strong following.  That is evident in this clip.  Not only do the fans wait as he comes in on the boat, but many continue to follow him, like some sort of messiah.  At the conclusion of all the build up, it is time for Don to make his final comment:

“I don’t often make picks, but when I do pick, I pick Detroit.  Stay thirsty my friends.”

Well Don, you were right.  Got any picks for tonight’s game for us?

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