Joba Chamberlain Makes An Amazing Diving Catch Against The Indians

Joba Chamberlain Makes An Amazing Diving Catch Against The Indians

Total Pro Sports – Joba Chamberlain was determined not to let his past miseries at Progressive Field repeat themselves last night.  He was on the mound to start for the Yankees last night and those Lake Erie insects were back to feast on his sweet sweat.  Only problem was Joba didn’t let it get to him this time, pitching eight solid innings and allowing only two runs in the 5-2 Yanks win over the Indians.

Not only did Joba do a brilliant job pitching with the bugs swarming, but he was even able to see around them on a Kelly Shoppach bunt popup.  Once he spotted it, he made an incredible diving catch for it, laying his body out to make the play and taking a face full of grass in the process.  He was even able to get up and record the force out at second for the double play.

While Joba’s reaction was one of intensity, the dugout saw things a littel different:

“I looked over and (Andy Pettitte) was horse-laughing.  That’s the last thing I needed. I’m trying to get another out, there’s two outs. I looked over and that was the first thing I saw. He’s just probably mad because he’s not that athletic.” [ESPN]

It must have felt good for the large Yankee pitcher to redeem himself in such a manner at the home of the tribe after the horror of 2007.  That should help keep Yankee fans from killing each other.  This time Joba was able to stave off the bugs, and he likely killed a few thousand when he hit the ground making that great diving grab.  I could have sworn I still saw his body implanted in the field during the 8th inning.

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