MotoGP Racer Raffaele de Rosa Falls Off Bike Then Makes Brilliant Save

Raffaele de Rosa Falls Off Bike And Makes Brilliant Save

Total Pro Sports – Many people enjoy watching motor sports for the crashes, but now Raffaele de Rosa has given us something else to look for. The crashes that are avoided.

It was a move that you would likely see performed by a dare devil or stunt man, but for de Rosa, it was either that, or a ride on the asphalt slip-n-slide. The decision was an easy one, but its the execution that was sublime.

Coming around a turn at the Mugello track during a qualifying session, de Rosa got a little too wide and veered off course. He was tossed off his bike, but managed to hang on with his hands and regain control of it. Only problem was his body still remained beside the bike, being carried along in a kneeling position, but with his knees just slightly off the ground. As he skidded along the grass, he eventually got to one knee, took the bike back towards the track, and got back up on it. All of this while the bike remained in motion. It is not surprising to hear that he received a thunderous round of applause when he got back to pit lane.

It is nice to be able to cheer for an incident where someone avoids a crash or injury for a change. Maybe that’s because most of the time when racers dodge crashes, they don’t look this good. And I am sure there is no one who that looked better to than Raffaele de Rosa himself.