Chelsea’s Didier Drogba FA Cup Celebration A Little Gay

Chelsea's FA Cup Celebration A Little GayTotal Pro Sports – Despite falling short in the Premiere League season and UEFA Champions League, Chelsea was able to take home the FA Cup after defeating Everton 2-1.  And to celebrate?  Well lets just say they have their own way of doing things.

Footage was taken of the team dancing on the field with the FA Cup when Jose Bosingwa takes a spot in front of Didier Drogba and Obe Mikel.  Wrong decision.  The two would proceed to slap and kick at his groin.  Seems like an odd way to celebrate a championship.  Luckily Barcelona didn’t do the same after their Champions League victory.

We can understand the comradery that exists within teams, and it is no secret that they shower together after games, but it would probably be best to leave such acts for inside the dressing room.  This should give Man U fans another thing to make fun of Chelsea for, in addition to Ronaldo banging Juliano Belletti’s sister.

Hat Tip Video – [With Leather]