Skateboarder’s Fall Results In Nasty Arm Break

Skateboarder’s Fall Results In Nasty Arm Break

Total Pro Sports – I always thought bumps, bruises and broken bones were a well known part of skateboarding.  Someone should have probably told this guy before he tried his daring rail-slide.

The trick seemed to be going smoothly.  That is until it was time for the landing.  Falling backwards, he sticks his hands out to break his fall, but the only thing that he would end up breaking was his arm.  At least that’s what it sounds like he did.

Yelling “I broke my f*cking arm,” and crying, I would love to make fun of his wimpy reaction, but the sight of his arm snapping back after the fall even had me withering in pain.  To bad he couldn’t pull off some sort of save, like Raffaele de Rosa on his motorcycle.  Then again, I don’t think saves are as entertaining on skateboards anyways.

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