What’s Lamar Odom’s Game Day Secret? Candy!

lamar-odomTotal Pro Sports – If the Los Angeles Lakers expect to defeat the Orlando Magic and capture the NBA Championship, they will need Lamar Odom to be at his best.  So how do they make sure that happens?  Buy him candy!

Odom was great in games 5 and 6 against the Denver Nuggets, recording a double-double in one, and 20 points, 8 rebounds in another.  With the NBA finals set to begin on Thursday, reporters had the opportunity during the layoff to ask Lamar about his candy habit.  His response was as surprising as it was humorous.  Contrary to what doctors have said about sweets, Odom claims that candy has been his breakfast prior to the final two games of the Western Conference finals, his best two games of the series.  So what’s Odom’s take on the doctor’s analysis?  “I guess he’s wrong, even though he is a doctor,” the big man told reporters huddled around him following a practice.

It doesn’t seem like Lamar is going to be giving up the sweet snacks for breakfast anytime soon, but what does coach Phil Jackson think of all this?  When asked whether he would encourage the habit, Phil quickly responded “no.”  He would go on to talk about the horrors he experiences as a parent on Halloween, and the other effects candy can have on individuals.  But Phil, if sugar can make your kids get out of control, just think of how uncontrollable Lamar can be for the Magic defense after a couple bags of Skittles.

So what kind of candy does Odom eat for gameday breakfasts?  In addition to Skittles, he also enjoys Starburst Jelly Beans, and Now and Laters.  I understand Phil Jackson is against this idea of pre-game candy, but don’t be surprised to see him with a bag or two in his pocket, just in case his star forward is having an off night.

Here is the interview with Lamar Odom.

And here is Phil Jackson’s response.

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