Brawl Ensues At Conclusion Of Russian Women’s Handball Match

Brawl Ensues At Conclusion Of Russian Women's Handball MatchTotal Pro Sports – Who knew handball could be such a tough sport.  Finally, a reason to watch it, and what makes this incident all the more interesting is that rather than the usual male suspects starting the rough stuff, this time it was females.  Cat-fight anyone?  Hopefully Danielle Lloyd doesn’t get any ideas.

This mini-brawl (I guess that is what you should expect from a girl fight, no offense) took place at the finals of the Russian league championship.  Several devastating hits were thrown by the losing team, sparking some fisticuffs at the conclusion of the game.  But don’t worry.  That didn’t prevent the championship home side from hoisting the trophy for their fans after the game.

I am not aware of the rules in handball, and apparently neither was the visiting team.  One thing I am sure of though is that they were defiantly on to something.  Now if the league can get every game to be played like that, they could be looking at some major boosts to their ratings.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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