Chicago Cubs Bleacher Boys Have Some Fun

Chicago Cubs Bleacher Boys Have Some FunTotal Pro Sports – Some sports fans always seem to want the most expensive seats in the house, assuming that the front row is the best place to catch the game from.  Contrary to what the ticket price may have you believing, that isn’t always the case.

Meet the Chicago Cubs Bleacher Boys.  They sit in the outfield bleachers where the pitcher, catcher and batter all look like little specs of dust.  That doesn’t stop this section from being the loudest in Wrigley Field, and if you needed any proof of their fun, look no further than this video, recorded by one fan lucky enough to be among all the ruckus.

It seems to be a lively crowd, with young adults enjoying their beers and supporting Japanese star Kosuke Fukudome, but if there is one person who sticks out, it is the older man screaming “F*CK HOUSTON!”  Can you say “WEEKEND DAD?”

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