Dad Pitching To Son Takes Baseball In The Head

dad-pitching-to-son-takes-baseball-in-the-headTotal Pro Sports – Someone has to do something about those aluminum bats.  Not only are they threats in collage baseball, but they can also be weapons when used by little tykes.  This may seem like a joke, but for one dad the danger became all to real.

Pitching for his son’s baseball team with a parent in the stands capturing it one camera, this poor dad must now be regretting all those extra lessons he gave his team on hitting.  One child seemingly caught on well, and during this game he took a nice swing at a pitch sending it back at his coach.  The liner was too hot to handle and before dad could get his glove up, he was already on the ground withering in pain.

This will no doubt go down as a little league baseball classic home video (assuming the dad survived the incident).  Maybe they should consider getting the pitchers to wear helmets.  One thing is for sure.  At next practice, this coach will likely be stressing the importance of defense.

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