Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Know Who David Beckham Is

Floyd Mayweather Doesnt Know Who David Beckham IsTotal Pro Sports – Soccer has never been able to catch on in the United States, but many thought that would change with the introduction of David Beckham to the MLS.  While many became familiar with the English soccer star, he remains an unknown to one particular American, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

In an interview with an English reporter (This is not the first time Mayweather has turned an interview into a hit) , Floyd is asked whether he is a big English football fan?  His answer was based on his thoughts of David Beckham, saying he is an big star over in England, but when he walks the streets in the United States, people just say “hey, how you doing.”  I’m guessing Floyd hasn’t walked along too many streets with Becks.

I am not sure which is more funny.  The fact that Mayweather is completely unfamiliar with David Beckham (evident in his inability to recall his name), or his assumption that the English star can walk the streets almost unnoticed.  Best of all, we can’t blame it on some sort of brain injury resulting from his boxing career.  Mayweather was never one to take many punches to the head.

Hat Tip – [DirtyTackle]