Lil Wayne Releases New Song Titled “Kobe Bryant”

lil-wayne-releases-new-song-about-kobe-bryantTotal Pro Sports – Are you ready for the NBA Finals? If not, maybe Lil’ Wayne can help you out. Just in time for the championship matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic, Lil’ Wayne has released a song titled “Kobe Bryant.”

First Shaq showed his support for Kobe and the Lakers. Now Lil’ Wayne has hopped on the bandwagon as well. A huge basketball and New Orleans Hornets supporter, Lil Wayne seems to have given up on his home team and now supporting the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Looks like Dwight Howard is going to need as much Vitaminwater as he can get.

With the Finals begining tonight, Kobe will look to improve upon last years result and win his fourth ring. That wont be easy, but if last years defeat in the Finals isn’t enough motivation for them to come out hard, they can always blast some Lil’ Wayne before the game.

I on the other hand will stick to Shaq’s rap for Kobe Bryant. Hey Lil’ Wayne. “Tell me how Kobe’s ass tastes!