One Man Dead After Fans Clash At Copa Brazil Match

corinthiansTotal Pro Sports – Supporting your team is one thing, but in Brazil soccer fans take their love for the home squad to a whole new level.

In yet another tragic ending to a soccer riot, one man was announced dead and several more are likely injured following a Copa Brazil match between Corinthians and Vasco de Gama.

The man was apparently killed during a fight between the two club team’s supporters.  If that wasn’t enough, after word spread of the death to one of their fans, Corinthians fans proceeded to attack and burn a bus carrying Vasco de Gama fans.

To think that this all happens in the name of sports is insane.  And some people think Philadelphia is a bad place for a visiting team fan to watch a game.  Why can’t all fans just stick to the flashing, hotdog shooters off women’s chests, and maybe a flying Bruce Lee kick here and there.  That’s what being a sports fan is really all about.

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