Randy Orton Seconds Away From Beating Mexican Reporter

Randy Orton Seconds Away From Beating Mexican ReporterTotal Pro Sports – Talk about an interview gone bad.  This Mexican Reporter was seconds away from dying on the job.  I wonder if workers compensation covers such incidents.

In an interview for teleESPECTADOR, Randy Orton took questions (in English) from a much smaller Mexican man.  His first question was nothing out of the ordinary, asking the WWE superstar what he usually eats for breakfast.  The answer was an omelet, with mushrooms, ham, etc.  Sounds delicious Randy!

That was the friendly part, but for reasons unknown, the little Mexican man decided to challenge Orton, stating that he felt his breakfast was fragile.  Fragile?  What is so fragile about an omelet?

As the man continues to hound Orton about his injuries, Randy finally has enough and gets in his face. And in case you are wondering, there is not a problem with your screen.  The little Mexican’s face is really turning a bright red.  The people around the set seemed to think it was funny, but Orton didn’t, storming off once he felt he had invoked enough fear into the reporter. Reminds me a little of when Hulk Hogan lost it on reporter in a courtroom.

I understand that wrestling is fake, but there was nothing fake about this.  Or was there?  If so, Randy Orton’s acting skills have really grown.  Guess that should be expected from a WWE wrestler.