Skateboarder Eats Shrooms, Gets Naked And Preaches To God

Jereme RogersTotal Pro Sports – It can be an odd sight to peak out of your bedroom window at the break of dawn and see a naked 24-year-old man naked on his roof top yelling things in a conversation with God.  What would cause such a thing?  If you guessed drugs, you were right.

Professional skateboarder Jereme Rogers was arrested, but later released by Redondo Beach police Wednesday morning after he ate some “magic mushrooms”, got naked and had what he described as an “out-of-body experience.”  Sounds more like an “out-of-clothing” experience, or better yet, an “out-of-your-f*cking-mind experience.”  According to reports, Rogers “ate some `mushrooms’ and bugged out,” preaching naked on the rooftop of his apartment at Havemeyer Lane and Goodman Avenue.

The young pro skater is known as a high-school dropout who attributes much of his talent to God.  He is very spiritual and has many tattoos symbolizing that on his body.  Officers used his religiosity to communicate with him and eventually grab him before any accident could happen.  Afterward, they said that such a tragedy was only inches from happening:

“He would have fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren’t there…He never lost his balance.  The potential was there for it. If he had taken a few negligible steps to the right, that would have impeded his balance and would have led to his demise.”

When interviewed later by a reporter at his apartment while rolling a joint, Rogers had the following to say:

“I literally was walking on the edge.  They said my balance was amazing.”

Would you expect anything different from a professional skateboarder?  As for his drug addiction, Rogers told reporters, “yeah, I’m rolling weed.  I have a medical card. I’m a weed smoker.”  Maybe you should just stick to the weed for now Rogers.  Shrooms doesn’t seem to be your thing.

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