Avril Lavigne Throws Opening Pitch At Blue Jays Game

Avril Lavigne Throws Opening Pitch At Blue Jays GameTotal Pro Sports – Hopefully Gary Dell’Abate, a.k.a. Baba Booey, wasn’t watching last night’s Toronto Blue Jays game.  If he was, he may be asking himself two things:

1.  “Do I really throw like a girl?”  The answer which would be an emphatic NO.  Sorry Gary.  Girls have a much better arm than you.  Don’t be so cruel to the opposite sex.

2.  “Why couldn’t they move the catcher up for me?”  Maybe next time they will Gary.  And maybe a little to the left as well.

Thankfully the Canadian female singing sensation Avril Lavigne will not be subjected to the same criticism.  Or will she?

While her pitch was not the greatest, but was also not even close to as bad as Baba Booey’s, she did make one particular comment that raised some eyebrows.  Wonder what Avril was doing to get ready prior to the big moment?

“I’ve been signing balls all day”

For some reason that just sounds so much better coming from the mouth of a female.  If only I had know, I could have brought my balls to her to get signed, instead of sitting here right now with unsigned balls.

Yes, I know.  A little immature, but funny none the less.  Here is her opening pitch.

Hat Tip Video – [BigLeagueStew]

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