Jays Alex Rios Is Clearly Not In The Mood To Sign Autographs

Jays Alex Rios Not In The Mood For Signing Autographs

Total Pro Sports – When a big leaguer turns down an autograph request from an older man, it is often understandable.  They do not want him to go and sell it (like he probably will) in order to make a profit.  After all, the only ones who should be making the big bucks are the players, right (sense the sarcasm)?  But what happens when an MLB player turns down a young kid who has waited to get the piece of cherished memorabilia.  Then it’s heckling time!

Alex Rios found that out the hard way.  Following a day game against the Angels (Blue Jays Hotdog Shooter Girls Were Not Present), in which Rios went 0 for 5 striking out all five at bats, a fan (who must have been lost because no one waits outside somewhere for Rios’ autograph) asked the struggling outfielder for a quick signature as he left a charity event.  When Alex rejected, a man let him know what he thought: “The way you played tonight Alex you should be lucky someone wants your autograph.  You’re a bum!”

What better way to sum up a disappointing day at the plate.  Rios had a few choice words of his own for the heckler, but the question remains, who was right?

Perhaps Rios did not want to be bothered, but as a professional athlete, if he expects to have his fans stick by him in this tough time, he may want to reconsider his stance on signing balls for young kids (please don’t take that statement out of context).  While his reaction to the situation was not the right one, the heckler should also rethink his involvement in the whole ordeal.  If he thought Rios was such a bum, what was he doing out there waiting for him?

One things for sure.  For a bum, Rios sure does have some nice wheels.

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