Randy Johnson Gets Win 300. Will He Be The Last?

Randy Johnson Gets Win 300.  Will He Be The Last?Total Pro Sports – Last night was a historic day in baseball as Giants pitcher Randy Johnson became the 24th pitcher to reach 300 wins in his career.  Take in the moment folks because we may never get to celebrate such an accomplishment again.

The wait for Randy to reach the milestone has been that much more important because of the magnitude of it.  Many baseball gurus are firm believers that we have just witnessed the last pitcher to reach 300 wins.  With all the worries these days about pitch counts and wearing out starting pitchers (whom teams often invest boat-loads of money into), such predictions are likely to be true.

Johnson pitched six innings against the lowly Washington Nationals, allowing just two hits and one run in 78 pitches, and he even made a great defensive play in his final inning to help preserve the 2-1 lead.  The Giants bats would add a couple more runs in the 9th to make it 5-1, and after reliever Brian Wilson recorded the final out in the 9th, it was celebration time.  Randy had his family in attendance and couldn’t be happier to share the moment with them:

It’s nice to have this moment with my family and friends that came.  It’s the coolest moment to be able to share something with my son. I’m just sad my dad wasn’t here. He wasn’t able to see my games the last 17 years, but he’s up there watching.” [Fox Sports]

So who is up next for the milestone?  The closest pitcher at this point is Jamie Moyer, but he is 46-years-old, and with 250 wins, it is unlikely he will be reaching 300 unless he pitches past 50.  Don’t count on that. Following him are Andy Pettitte (220) and John Smoltz (210), but they remain a long distance away and age is not on their side.

With five-man rotations and increased use of the bullpen in the current MLB, it will be difficult to imagine seeing 300 victories again.  So take in this moment, because you very likely may have just seen the last pitcher to ever reach the 300 win mark.

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