Sidney Crosby Asked By Reporter How Big His Knob Is?

Sidney Crosby Asked By Reporter How Big His Knob Is

Total Pro Sports –  With all the intensity, battling and bad blood that characterizes the NHL playoffs, its always a welcome change to see the players show a lighter side on off-days.  Perhaps no one brings that out more in the bearded men on skates than The Score TV personality Cabbie. How does he do it?  Simply put, it isn’t every day that a player is questioned on the size of his knob.

Cabbie’s latest victim was Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby.  Continuing where they left off in a previous interview, Cabbie was finally given the opportunity to check out Sid’s knob.  Judging by his reaction, he wasn’t impressed.  Last time they met, Crosby preached about its size, saying,

“it’s not huge, but its not small.”

So what did Cabbie have to say about it?  “Oh dude.  You have a little one.”  not exactly the type of thing you want to hear from someone describing your knob, man or woman.  However, he did seem to figure out how to work with his smaller package in game 4, notching his first goal of the Stanley Cup Finals.

With the Pens now back in the series against the defending champion Detroit Red Wings, maybe the smaller knob is a good thing.  Should he lead his team to the Cup, he will have an additional “finger” to wear his ring on.

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