The X-Rated Parody Of Kobe, LeBron And Lil’ Dez Puppet Commercial

The X-Rated Parody Of Kobe And LeBron Babysitting Lil' Dez CommercialTotal Pro Sports – You may be sick of the continued hype that the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James puppet commercials have been getting. Especially when considering the fact that the two NBA superstars never even faced off in the Finals (damn Magic had to ruin everything).  Nonetheless, this is one commercial of the duo that you don’t want to miss.  And don’t expect it to be finding its way onto your television.  I don’t think the FCC would approve.

In a brilliant remix of the original version where Kobe and LeBron babysit Lil’ Dez, the swear-o-meter is through the roof, and we can’t help by drop to the floor in laughter at some of the things Lil’ Dez asks them.  If you ask me, these sound more like the questions that people want answers to.  Here are just a couple of the thing Lil’ Dez was pondering:

“Kobe, what happened in Colorado?  You rape that girl?”

“Damn, you got a pool with no chicks?”

“Damn Kobe, you lookin’ at my d*ck?”

“Kobe, why’s you messin’ with Ron Artest?  You know he’ll f*ck you up.”

“You guys ever shower with John Amaechi?”

Classic!  Maybe he should have asked Kobe what he thinks of Shaq and his useless Twitter messages.

It is about time someone does some real reporting and asks the questions that fans really want to know.  My suggestion is we get Lil’ Dez a mic.  Who’s with me?

I wonder if Dwight Howard will counter with his own x-rated Vitaminwater commercial.

Hat Tip Video – [TheHoopDoctors] Via [JerseyChaser]

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