Andressa Soares Makes Ass Shaking A Sport

Andressa Soares Makes Ass Shaking A SportTotal Pro Sports – I love hockey and have played my whole life, but should ass shaking become a sport, it is almost certain that it would be my new favorite.  As for my new favorite athlete.  That’s easy.  It would have to be none other than Andressa Soares, also known as “Watermelon Woman”, or “The Biggest Ass In Brazil.”  You are probably thinking, “that must be one big ass.”  Well let me be the first to say, IT SURE IS!!!

Andressa has appeared in Playboy and also puts on her own shows where she gives the crowd some booty-shaking action.  In a three clip series about her rise to stardom, the apple-bottomed Brazilian talks about how she made it big, what she does to keep her assets in tact and looking great, and for the finale she gives viewers a little sample of her moves.

When we showed those Panama booties previously, their lack of authenticity was quickly uncovered.  This time around, there is nothing fake about it.  So to all of you out there interested in creating such a sport, start finding some competition.  If things work out, we may be able to have the league running by 2010.  Till then.

Hat Tip Video – [JerseyChaser]

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