Baseball Trivia On A Rollercoaster

Baseball Trivia On A Rollercoaster

Total Pro Sports – It’s baseball trivia time.  Someone explains everything to you then asks, “what’s it called when you hit a home run, a triple, a double, and a single all in one game?”  Pretty easy, isn’t it?  A cycle of course.  This fan got it wrong, but I guess he had the added burden of having to answer the question while going extreme speeds on a roller coaster.

We aren’t sure if this is going to become America’s new greatest game show, but it sure does beat a guy picking a bunch of numbered briefcases off (I think they call that one “Deal or No Deal”).  So how exactly does it work?  One kid reads out some facts from a baseball game to another kid while the roller coaster gets going (oh, and we should mention that they are both on it).  Then once the ride really starts, questions are asked by one of the kids and the other must answer them.  Unfortunately, for most of the time the guy being quizzed was too busy screaming his lungs out.  Thankfully there were no expletives.  Nothing like Alex Rios yelling at a fan and telling him where to go.

Here are some questions we may have added?

1.  Which batter did umpire Mike Winters swear at?

2.  In which teams dugout is the Gatorade cooler in most danger?

3.  Which team has the hottest ball girls?

This contestant went 1 for 3.  A rather poor job especially when you consider that the answers were read to him just seconds before.  So what did he get for his effort?  We think it likely included last night’s dinner and some theme park hot dogs, pre-chewed of course.

Hat Tip Video – [NESW Sports]

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