George Foreman III KO’s Human Punching-Bag For 1st Pro Victory

George Foreman III KO’s Human Punching-Bag For 1st Pro VictoryTotal Pro Sports – The son of former heavyweight champion George Foreman, conveniently named George Foreman III, stepped into the ring last night and won his professional debut.  Word has it they may actually find a boxer to face him for his second pro fight.  As for the first guy, Clyde Weaver, he likely collected his $100 and hit up the nearest 24-hour Denny’s.  Then its back to the ally for him.

It only took the younger George 1:16 to send the large out-of-shape man to the ground for the second time, ending the fight.  He may have broken more of a sweat walking from the dressing room to the ring.

As soon as George III came out, he began his barrage of punches.  All Weaver seemed to have in his arsenal was the cover-up, and he couldn’t even do that properly.  He quickly realized that while receiving many punches he would not be delivering one anytime soon, eliminating the possibility of even considering the “puncher’s chance”, and took a knee in defeat.

It was no Foreman vs. Ali, but maybe this fight marks the beginning of something great.  As for the “Human Punching-Bag” comment, I’m pretty sure a punching-bag would put up more of a challenge.  Take a look for yourself.

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